Evelyn Bos is the artist behind Pohutukawa.nl

Having lived in three different countries (The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia) I incorporate influences from the diversity in culture, flora and fauna I’ve been happily exposed to.

I have moved house countless times, and with my art I’m expressing the themes ‘hopes and dreams’, ‘at home’, and ‘melancholy’ for all the good things I encountered down under. I’ve been back in The Netherlands for nearly three years now, still trying to find my footing, something which is working through in the expression of my themes.

Working less figurative and more abstract and conceptual has been the focus in the past two years. I’ve been experimenting with lots of materials and techniques. And still am: I am loving the various forms of graphic art (even got my own little press), worked with acrylics on wood, paper and canvas, did some little things with felt, and made my first bronze sculpture. I’d love to do more sculptures and high on my wish list is getting to know ceramics and glass art (especially pâte de verre).

In 2017 I started a collaboration with four fellow artists. We are currently inventing ourselves as a group, with lots of inspiration, fun and camaraderie as a result, and a shared theme: ‘silence’ and all the synonyms that come with it: calmness, tranquillity, stagnation, still… Our starting point was a long weekend away in a monastery, which for me was a disturbing and strange experience, and therefore a great source of inspiration.

The latest development on top of all of this is winning a spot in a masterclass programme through one of my paintings, leading up to an exposition in april 2019 and a group exposition at Open Stal 2019 in July, which is quite exciting!